Games should only be limited by our collective imagination

A games platform where anyone can build through remixing. Easily change and improve any game on Cambrian. Games open straight into the editor to make your own, improve and remix. Don’t like how this Civilisation building game ignores the Welsh? Change it. Want to add roguelike upgrades to this chess game? Change it. Want to completely overhaul this city simulator to be the founding of the first mars colony populated entirely by Vikings? Change it! Skills, tools and assets are transferable across games, we all add to an ecosystem that empowers all with this growing pool of resources. Games should only be limited by our collective imagination, not technical ability to build from zero.

The Game is changing

Player-led building has already left its mark on the gaming world, including games like DOTA, Counterstrike and PUBG, and genres such as MOBA and Battle Royale. Game components have never been easier to make, with free tools like Blender and new AI tools such as GPT3 and Stable Diffusion, and it is only going to get easier as these nascent technologies develop. The old way of making games is going to be replaced by this new accessibility that gives players and builders unprecedented agency to create. Games and experiences never before seen are made possible for the first time when the power to build is in everyone's hands. Cambrian will expand creative participation far beyond modding and we cannot wait to play the games unleashed!

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